KAKEHASHI SERIES[Buddhist altar fittings]


Buddhist altar fittings

Let's put our hands together.

Put your palms together.

We wanted to make
a Buddhist altar for all households

The development concept of KAKEHASHI SERIES was very simple.

When people think of a Buddhist altar, many will only think about the traditional gold Buddhist altar and assume that their house isn’t big enough, that there’s no proper space for it, or that it won’t match the atmosphere of their living room – even if they'd like to have one. Although there are more and more modern furniture style Buddhist altars, it often still looks off when we see it together with other furniture.

We want to provide a space for many people to put their palms together. Not in the religious sense, but for reasons that are simple and easy. When we come home tired, when our children start school, when we have some worries – we believe that it is very meaningful to have a space in our house where we can reach out to someone special when we want someone to talk to. Beyond rules, or styles, or even religions, we want everyone to have enough space and time in their life to simply clasp their hands together and feel connected. From this hope, our Buddhist altar line KAKEHASHI SERIES was born.

Integrate Buddhist altar into Interior | KAKEHASHI SERIES

Fitting in with Interior Furnishings

Blend into the interior

Every home has a different interior decoration. For that reason, we wanted to make “a Buddhist altar that blends in with the space you’re living in now.” So, not only did we make the shape simpler, we also offer a variety of backboard colors and other customizations. An altar with a color that matches your furniture or sofa will make your room feel just right.

Feel connection with people you care | KAKEHASHI SERIES

Feel connection with people you care about

Feel the connection

We believe we should decorate altars as we please. Even if it is as simple as a [Buddhist] mortuary tablet or a photo [of the person], we can put our palms together and think, “here, I have this space to share with people I love” which is the most important thing. KAKEHASHI SERIES is simple but allows people to have their own form of prayer by providing a space to place keepsakes and memories of the deceased.

  • KATACHI〈Mortuary Tablet〉
  • KATACHI〈Mortuary Tablet〉
  • KATACHI〈Mortuary Tablet〉

KATACHI 〈 Mortuary Tablet 〉


A mortuary tablet carved out of solid wood. Each one has a different wood grain to symbolize your loved one. The gold leaf at the joint elegantly tightens up the whole atmosphere of the simple, sophisticated form. Walnut and gold leaf or maple and platinum leaf are available for the wood and joint parts. Your loved one’s honorific name will be written.

W76 × D45 × H162

Body Color: Maple    Text color: Brown    Material: Maple(Solid wood), Platinum foil

Body Color: Walnut    Text color: Gold or White    Material: Walnut(Solid wood), Gold Leaf

  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • AKASHI〈Obon Lantern〉
  • AKASHI〈Obon Lantern〉
  • AKASHI〈Obon Lantern〉
  • AKASHI〈Obon Lantern〉

AKASHI 〈 Obon Lantern 〉


A Bon lantern is a light to welcome your departed loved one during Bon season. While more modern designs and small-sized Buddhist altars are available, there hasn’t been a Bon lantern that we can put in a living room as an interior decoration until now. Our new style of Bon lantern fits nicely with modern life.

W123 × D98 × H293

Material: Paper, Stainless Wire, Oak Wood(Pedestal), Brass(Wire Frame), Battery-operated LED

  • EMI〈Photo frame〉
  • EMI〈Photo frame〉
  • EMI〈Photo frame〉

EMI 〈 Photo frame 〉


A simple photo frame that gives an impression of good quality with its soft wood grain texture. You can place it on an altar such as HAJIME or OMOKAGE, and display a portrait of the deceased or a memorable photo of them. Available in white ash or walnut. Best for 3R-sized photos.

W143 × D42 × H107 *Recommended photo size 89×127mm

Body Color: Japanese ash    Material: Japanese ash(Solid wood)

Body Color: Walnut    Material: Walnut(Solid wood)

  • Japanese ash
  • Walnut